We Will Never Surrender
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Friday 28th october 2022 : nsu akten gratis!

Tursday 14th may 2022 : NictoRadioTV Player-debug.apk

Sunday novemer 28th 2021 making the cello and the nightingale, a radioplay available the-cello-and-the-nightingale.mp3

fri may 21th 2021 monitoring temp and pressure temerature and pressure in the shed

sat march 20th 2021 The Weird World of LSD by The Scorcher. The Weird World of LSD by The Scorcher

mon nov 9th 2020 lé Beirut, playlist Lé Beirut

fri feb 29th 2020: realized quick'n' dirty backup of playlist patapoe pc. the content of patapoe/home is backupped every day to an nfs share. this share is used by audacious. sound is then picked up from amplifier by darkice. This again sends it to an icecast mount which is used as a backup relay by radio patapoe's icecast. Direct connect via backup-patapoe

Thu jan 28th 2021 live video

helix-sie werden uns ersetzen-by-Marc-Elsberg.epub


wo 23:36 octobre 2018:zone à defêndre, Hambacher Forst, Lutkemeerpolder en ADM.mp3

Just got a present that i share immediately: Ich_Wandte

28-02-2018 To celebrate the release of The Biophonic Boombox Recordings – a collection of cassette recordings by Philadelphia kosmiche outfit out on Anthology Recordings at bandcamp. On Friday the 23rd, the head curator for the project, D. Strauss, recreated an episode of Diaspar -- a heavily influential Philadelphia radio show that propped up the releases of The Nightcrawlers and other future-oriented artists of the time from the late 70s to the early 90s. In D. Strauss' own words: My name is David Strauss, and I curated this release, which features recordings never before released in either format. And the Nightcrawlers will feature later in this five hour mix which attempts to replicate the Diaspar listening experience. Incidentally, that Nightcrawlers track is not on the Biophonic Boombox Recordings, so if you find this a pleasure, stick around, as we travel to a past that looked toward the future.

also here: the sound of Kunstreis naar Kalinkgrad; a brahmanian intelligence service production

rengalop in het hindoestaans en arabisch gemixed door 0d0a

27-01-2017: mono fuer alle, live Hamburg 27-01-2017

21 november 2016: nob interviewed mohammed and me

18 november 2016: TedX Amsterdam talk with Mohammed Tlej on hosting people fleeing war. See more information on hosting yourself at takecarebnb. Live youtube tedx stream at tedx amsterdam 2016

21 januari 2016 :Vadim Kozin [3CD]

Zondag 17 januari 2016, patapoe live stream from Florijn 42, a BYO starting at 16:00H ending around 22:00H

On thursday 16th 2015 we played this playlist

18 december 2014 We cast russian underground, you listened to - Kalutaliksuak- Death of the Alpinist 2014 to be found at raig.bandcamp.com and to Kalutaliksuak , last day of sun, 2008, to be found at raig.bandcamp.com

Previous at raspberry:Europese ondergrondse, ofwel Widerstand Musik aus vergangengen Zeiten. Nu al benieuwd? Lange Nacht Also at tent: Americain view on the great war

Maar eerst dit weekeinde: 24 hours from 6 am saturday CET till 6 am sunday CET we will follow the sound of daybreak on radiopatapoe!!

more information on soundcamp's project streetview..